Easy Thermomix Brownies Recipe

Easy Thermomix Brownies Recipe

Our famous Bar Moulds are back in stock, so we’re celebrating with a new free recipe! Our super easy chocolate brownies…. enjoy! x

Makes 18

+ soy free
+ nut free (optional)
+ vegetarian
+ dairy free (option)


250g dark chocolate (use dairy-free chocolate for dairy-free option)
250g light-flavoured extra-virgin olive oil, macadamia oil or coconut oil  
4 free-range eggs
250g brown sugar
300g plain flour
20g Dutch cocoa powder


  1. Preheat oven to 180⁰C.
  2. Place chocolate in TC bowl, grate for 8 seconds, speed 6. Scrape down sides.
  3. Add oil, melt for 3 minutes, 50⁰C, speed 2, or until melted.
  4. Add eggs and sugar, mix for 20 seconds, speed 4.
  5. Add flour and cocoa, mix for 10 seconds, speed 3. Mix any remaining flour in by hand.
  6. Divide mixture evenly between 18 silicone bar moulds (3 sets), bake for 15 minutes.

Allow to cool completely before removing from moulds - even better, refrigerate until chilled then remove. Enjoy! We know you will 🤩