Our Thermomix Bread Cooking Class

Our Thermomix Bread Cooking Class

Our Thermomix Bread class will help you turn your home kitchen into the best bakery in town! There’s nothing like the smell of fresh bread wafting through your home, and there’s no easier way to make it than in your Thermomix. We’ll teach you the tricks of the trade in our 3.5 hour bread class, with lots of delicious and diverse recipes that you will learn to experiment with and make your own, suited to your personal tastes. Plus, we’ll show you some scrumptious additions to serve with your freshly baked bread.

Each attendee will go home with a class-exclusive recipe booklet, which you can fill with your notes throughout the session. In this class we will be making (and tasting):

  • Cinnamon scrolls

  • Lemon cream cheese icing (to top your scrolls)

  • Traditional bagels

  • Potato bread (stays fresh for a week!)

  • Two-way bread (baked in a bread tin)

  • Roasted vegetable filling (to make plaited bagels)

  • Berry jam

  • French baguettes, and

  • Our famous cheat’s sourdough

As a result of this lesson, you will develop advanced Thermomix and bread baking skills and know how to:

  • Steam in the Varoma

  • Knead in the TM

  • Shape breads and work with high-hydration doughs

  • Shape bagels traditionally and plaited

  • Bake breads without preservatives or additives

And it’s safe to say that you’ll never settle for store-bought again.

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID restrictions in Melbourne, we are no longer running this class, but you can buy a digital copy of the Thermomix Bread class booklet, complete with ALL recipes taught at the classes, tips and photos. Some of the recipes from this class feature in our ‘Recipes from our Cooking School’  Thermomix cookbook – click here to find out more. We’ve got lots of Thermomix Bread recipes throughout all our other cookbooks also!