Recipe Conversions for Aldi Stirling Thermo Cooker

Recipe Conversions for Aldi Stirling Thermo Cooker

How exciting is this - I'm guessing if you’re on this page you’ve invested in a Stirling Thermo Cooker from Aldi! You may have seen my guide to converting recipes for your machine in the back of your recipe booklet, but to make your life easier I've directly copied it here for ease of use - whenever cooking out of my recipe books or free recipes online, refer to this guide. The most important part is making sure to add on that extra 5 seconds! With these tweaks, ALL of my thermo recipes and cookbooks are doable in your Aldi Stirling Thermo Cooker. Want to know which of my cookbooks to start with? I’d recommend…

Please note this guide is for the aldi stirling thermo cooker pictured above. If you have a different aldi model, this same guide may not apply.

TIME – you’ll need to add an extra 5 seconds onto all steps in my cookbooks. If the time is longer than a minute, then there’s no need, but anything under a minute total time will need an extra 5 seconds. For example, if my recipe says chop for 5 seconds, speed 5, you would chop for 10 seconds, speed 5. If my recipe says to mix for 1 minute, speed 4, you would keep it the same.

REVERSE SPEED 1 – wherever you read ‘reverse speed soft’ or ‘reverse speed 1’ in my recipes, you simply use speed -1.

REVERSE SPEED 2 – wherever you read ‘reverse speed 1.5’ or ‘reverse speed 2’ in my recipes, you simply use speed -2.

DOUGH FUNCTION – whenever you read ‘dough function’ in my recipes, you simply use speed -3.

STEAMING TEMPERATURE – whenever you read ‘steaming temperature’ of ‘Varoma temperature’, you simply use 110°C.

PUREEING – Often when pureeing soups, I will use speed 9 or 10. You simply use speed 8 instead, as the Stirling thermo cooker will not allow speed 9 or 10 when bowl contents are hot.

MC - this is the measuring cup that locks inside the thermo lid. This can be removed for certain recipes. I the MC is not mentioned, assume it stays in position in the lid throughout the whole recipe. If it needs to be removed, this is explicitly said.

TC - this is short for ‘thermo cooker’, and will often be used to refer to the thermo cooker bowl.

Happy cooking,

alyce xx