Egg Strips in the Thermomix

Egg Strips in the Thermomix

How easy was that! Perfect for your fried rice, poke bowl or simply on toast for breaky. You’re going to love it… but you’ll need one of our Steaming Mats for Varoma first! Available exclusively from us…


4 free-range eggs


  1. Place eggs in TC bowl, whisk for 10 seconds, speed 4. Position steaming mat on upper Varoma steaming tray, and pour egg mixture onto it (see video).
  2. Fill TC bowl with 500ml water. Place lid on, and top with Varoma steaming tray, including steaming mat. Steam for 14 minutes, steaming temperature, speed 3.

    Your eggs are ready! I love serving these strips on top of fried rice. Who needs takeaway?!