Pantry Staples – What Every Thermomix Kitchen Needs

Pantry Staples – What Every Thermomix Kitchen Needs

For many people, their Thermomix instigates a huge shift from buying prepackaged food to making things from scratch. This is not only one of the biggest advantages of the machine, but also an essential step in connecting with our food (including where it comes from) and reclaiming our health. But to make things from scratch, we need a well-stocked pantry!  A well-stocked pantry also saves time and money, enabling us to buy quality ingredients in bulk and whip up a meal in a flash without even leaving the house.

Anyone who has been to AAHQ knows that we have an incredibly large meticulously labelled pantry (which I love!), however this is well beyond what most people need. Below is my list of Thermomix pantry essentials (if you don’t have a Thermomix, you will need a few additional items).

Download the list here.

Remember, things like fine salt, self-raising flour, almond meal and icing sugar can be made on demand from the pantry-staple ingredients, no need to buy these items also.  

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