Thermomix Vegan Christmas Puddings Recipe

Thermomix Vegan Christmas Puddings Recipe

It’s that time of year again – time to get those puddings on!!

But this time, we’ve done something a little different – we’ve made our Christmas puddings VEGAN! And my pudding-connoisseur of a grandma couldn’t tell the difference, so we know we’re onto a winner. We’ve made the recipe FREE, so everyone can give it a go! Thanks to Ellen we’ve already got ours stashed in the fridge ready for December. 

The easiest option for Christmas is definitely making individual puddings in our dariole moulds! And then steaming them in the Varoma. For our steamed-in-dariole-moulds rich-and-dark pudding recipe (using all the traditional ingredients), turn to page 178 in Quick Fix in the Thermomix (now only available digitally). For our lighter steamed-in-cloth traditional recipe, turn to page 291 in Quick Fix Every Occasion.

Just pudding it out there… no matter what your preference we’ve got you sorted!

Makes 24

+ vegan
+ dairy free
+ vegetarian


1 orange, rind and flesh
1 lemon, rind and flesh
80g rum (or brandy)
2 tsp nutmeg
3 tsp mixed spice
200g brown sugar
150g stout (or beer) + extra
170g sultanas 
220g currants
220g raisins
4 tbsp flaxseeds
240g water
220g dark rye bread, roughly chopped
200g raw almonds
2 carrots, quartered
220g coconut oil or light-tasting extra virgin olive oil
35g molasses 
Pinch salt
220g plain flour
pack of 8 silicone dariole moulds


  1. Place orange and lemon rind in TC bowl, zest for 15 seconds, speed 8.   
  2. Add orange and lemon flesh, purée for 8 seconds, speed 6. 
  3. Add rum, nutmeg, mixed spice, sugar, stout, sultanas, currants and raisins, mix for 10 seconds, reverse speed 3. 
  4. Transfer to a non-metal bowl, cover for 12 hours or longer if possible, to marinate. Stir halfway through marinating time if possible.   
  5. Once marinating is complete, transfer fruit mixture to a large mixing bowl. 
  6. Place flaxseeds in TC bowl, mill for 10 seconds, speed 10. Set aside in a small bowl and mix with water.
  7. Place bread slices in TC bowl, mill for 8 seconds, speed 8.  Add to fruit mixture. 
  8. Place almonds in TC bowl, chop for 3 seconds, speed 6. Add to fruit mixture. 
  9. Place carrots in TC bowl, grate for 6 seconds, speed 5. Add to fruit mixture. 
  10. Place coconut oil and molasses in TC bowl, melt for 4 minutes, 50°C, speed 1.
  11. Add set aside flaxseed mixture and salt, mix for 4 seconds, speed 3. Add to fruit mixture along with flour and mix well.
  12. Fill 8 lightly greased dariole moulds with mixture, leaving 1cm space from the top.
  13. Fill TC bowl with 1.2L water, place puddings in lower steaming tray and cover with Varoma steaming mat or foil (this is to stop water pooling in the top of the puddings). Steam for 50 minutes, steaming temperature, speed 3. Allow puddings to stand for 5 minutes before turning out onto a plate. Now your moulds are free to reuse.
  14. Repeat with remaining puddings, bringing the water level back to 1.2L first.   

Store puddings in a sealed container in the fridge until ready to reheat and serve.

To reheat, place puddings in lower steaming tray, fill TC bowl with 1L water and steam for 25 minutes, steaming temperature, speed 3.