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smoked paprika
  • smoked paprika
  • curry powder
  • lemon myrtle
  • nigella seed
  • pepperleaf
  • red pepper flakes
  • lavender flowers
  • wasabi powder
  • rose petals
  • harissa mix
  • beetroot powder
  • tomato powder
  • cumin ground
  • cinnamon ground
  • brazillian spice mix
  • sweet paprika
  • turmeric ground
  • celery seed whole
  • shichimi togarashi
  • ras el hanout
  • mexican spice mix
  • guacamole spice mix

why we ♥ them:
Herbie’s blends and spices are all made with the highest quality ingredients and are completely free of fillers, starches, MSG, free-flow agents or additives of any kind, leaving you with only the purest, most delicious spices imaginable. These are Alyce’s absolute favourite spices for every occasion, and once you try a herbie-flavoured meal, your pantry will be overflowing with Herbie flavours.

lemon myrtle
• Lemon myrtle is a beautiful Australian native herb that is as versatile as it is flavoursome. We love it’s unique flavour and subtle citrus tang. Use it sparingly in a huge variety of dishes – a little goes a long way!
• It’s an essential ingredient in our salmon rillettes from our Christmas cooking class, our rack of lamb with hazelnut crust in our cookbook ‘Recipes from our Cooking School’ and our lemon myrtle dukkah in ‘Everyday Thermo Cooking’.
• You can easily get creative with this sensational spice, but we love it in stir frys and curries, and it can be easily used as a substitute for lemongrass.
• Try to add it to your dishes until the end of cooking, to preserve all of the delicate aromas and flavours.
• 25g lemon myrtle in a resealable pouch

smoked paprika
• Herbie’s sweet smoked paprika is Alyce’s absolute favourite spice, and it’s not hard to see why. The flavour is unbeatable and lends itself to so many fantastic dishes — we use it in our chicken nuggets and cheese balls from Quick Fix: Every Occasion and our spicy seafood soup from miniseries: low carb. It’s an amazing addition to a huge number of other dishes, too, like our smashed potatoes in Every Occasion, or to any ragus or southern-style dishes when you’re after a smoky flavour (without the fire!). We particularly love it when trying to add a ‘meaty’ flavour to vegetarian and vegan dishes.

• 30g smoked paprika in a resealable pouch

Click here to access our rich and smoky beef brisket recipe, utilizing our favourite smoked paprika

curry powder

• Herbie’s medium curry powder is the spice we pull it whenever a recipe calls for a standard curry powder, and will add a beautiful flavour to so many dishes. We use our Herbie’s curry powder in our curried pumpkin soup from our free recipes; our chickpea patties and pinwheel sausage rolls from Quick Fix: Every Occasion, our cauliflower couscous from Quick Fix: Every Occasion, and pretty much every curry recipe we’ve ever developed! You might have guessed, but we go through a lot of this stuff.

• 50g medium curry powder in a resealable pouch


• Herbie’s ground pepperleaf brings some serious bite to a huge variety of meals. Both the pepperberries and leaves are used to make this authentically Australian spice, which brings an intensely strong pepper flavour to your meals. We love Herbie’s pepperleaf for general seasoning with a kick, and for adding to a diverse spice rub for meat and lamb. It’s also a key ingredient in one of our most popular cooking class recipes — our Varoma rack of lamb with hazelnut crust.

• Beware – the flavour intensifies over 5 minutes after consumption, so don’t go overboard! Use it cautiously as a substitute for regular ground pepper: about one tenth of your usual ground pepper usage will do the trick! A little goes a long way.

• 10g mountain pepperleaf ground in a resealable pouch

nigella seed

• Herbie’s nigella seeds have a similar flavour to cumin, and are traditionally used in Indian cooking. They add delicious texture and taste when sprinkled on a variety of breads such as naan, Turkish loaves and even savoury biscuits. They have no noticeable aroma and a metallic sharpness to give your meals some bite! We sprinkle nigella seeds over our naan bread from our Easy Indian cooking class, which is featured in our cookbook Recipes from our Cooking School.

• 50g nigella seed whole (kalonji) in a resealable pouch

red pepper flakes

• We love to sprinkle Herbie’s Korean red pepper flakes on pretty much every Asian dish, adding a subtle kick and some visual appeal. They come from a fruity, capsicum-like red chilli, and are used frequently in — you guessed it — Korean cuisine! Also known as gochugaru, these flakes are very versatile and add a mild heat to a variety of dishes, tasting beautiful when sprinkled over scrambled eggs or salads. Korean red pepper flakes are traditionally used when making fermented kimchi, and are used in almost every recipe in our Thermomix Korean cooking class, including our kimchi, pickled radish and mixed seafood and spring onion fritters.

• 40g red pepper flakes in a resealable pouch
• Other common names: Korean Chilli Flakes, Gochugaru, Kimchi Chilli

lavender flowers

• We are such a sucker for edible flowers – they just make everything look so beautiful! Herbie’s lavender flowers make a delicious and aromatic addition to a huge variety of sweet treats. Most notably, we love lavender in ice cream, so use these pretty purple petals to make our lavender ice cream from Quick Fix in the Thermomix. Lavender also makes a delicious addition to sweet shortbread and meringues, and looks gorgeous and unique sprinkled over cream on a sponge cake. Just let the lavender lust take over and see where your imagination takes you!

• 10g edible lavender flowers in a resealable pouch

Click here to see our homemade sleepy bath salts using lavender flowers

wasabi powder

• Herbie’s wasabi powder will enable you to make an economical homemade wasabi paste, perfect for serving with sushi and sashimi, or to add heat to a variety of Asian-inspired dishes, or even stir through mayonnaise! We use it in our sesame crusted salmon, wasabi oysters and sesame crusted salmon from Quick Fix in the Thermomix. To make wasabi paste, simply mix 1 teaspoon of wasabi powder with 2 teaspoons of water.

• 15g wasabi powder in a resealable pouch

rose petals

• Nothing adds instant glamour and sophistication to a dish like rose petals, and Herbie’s rose petals are absolutely top of the line. The flavour is intoxicating and unique, and the presentation is to die for! Rose petals lend themselves to both sweet and savoury dishes equally well, but we love using them in jams and jellies. For holiday entertaining, put a few rose petals and water in an ice tray, and serve some summer cocktails with rose-spiked ice cubes for a gorgeous floral surprise.

• 5g edible rose petals in a resealable pouch

Click here to some of our uses for rose petals

harissa mix

• Herbie’s harissa mix special blend brings exceptional pantry potential to a spice-lovers kitchen! This fiery Tunisian blend can be used as a dry rub for meat and vegetable dishes, or you can use it to make a gorgeous paste that can be added to everything from rice and cous cous dishes to sandwiches.

• 30g harissa mix special blend in a resealable pouch

Click here to read alyce’s flavour makers guide, in which harissa gets a special mention

beetroot powder

• We use Herbie’s Beetroot Powder as a gorgeous natural food colourant, without all the nasties contained in artificial food colouring. This is a must-have when prepping for children’s parties; artificial colourants have been linked to increased hyperactivity in children, and that’s the last thing you need when your kids are already on a sugar high! Add some to a cake batter for a twist on a red velvet cake, or to our cream cheese icing in Quick Fix: Every Occasion for perfectly pink cupcakes. Not just for sweets, you can add it to tandoori and other Asian recipes.

• 50g beetroot powder in a resealable pouch

tomato powder

• Adds beautiful colour and flavour - mix tomato powder with equal parts of water to make a convenient, rich tomato paste. Add a tablespoon to curries, ragus, chutneys and sauces for extra body and flavour.

• 50g tomato powder in a resealable pouch

cumin ground

• Herbie’s cumin seeds will provide the major flavour player in most curry blends and spices, and is an absolute pantry essential. One of our most frequently used spices, we use ground cumin in our vegetarian pasties, lemongrass green chicken curry, harissa paste, chickpea patties and festive couscous from Quick Fix: Every Occasion; our chicken and coconut rice, Moroccan lamb soup, vegetable chilli and sweet potato and chickpea soup from Quick Fix in the Thermomix; our spinach and ricotta omelette, Moroccan beef salad, and steamed corn with spicy lime salt from miniseries: super healthy; and our spicy nut mix and spicy seafood soup from miniseries: low carb. You can see it gets a good workout!

• 45g ground cumin seeds in a resealable pouch

Click here to view all our free recipes using cumin!

cinnamon ground

• Ground cinnamon is one of the top five most versatile spices for both savoury and sweet dishes, and a good quality ground cinnamon is an absolute necessity in any pantry. Thankfully — for your spicing pleasure — Herbie’s makes one of the best. You’ll notice the difference in quality immediately when adding this beautiful blend to your recipes, and because the flavour is so intense, you won’t even need to add as much as you’re used to. Try using Herbie’s ground cinnamon in our Chai tea or spiced hot chocolate from Quick Fix: Every Occasion; in our cinnamon sugar or cinnamon apple ice cream from Quick Fix in the Thermomix; in our almond pancakes or spicy nut mix from miniseries: low carb; or in our cinnamon delight or spiced pears and ginger smoothies from miniseries: super healthy. This is one scrumptious spice that you will definitely get good use out of.

• 35g ground cinnamon in a resealable pouch

Click here to view all our free recipes using cinnamon!

brazillian spice mix

• Herbie’s Brazilian spice blend will bring exotic South American flavours straight from the packet and onto your dinner table in a pinch (literally!). This authentic mix of parika, ginger, garlic onion and cumin is topped off with coriander, allspice, cinnamon, pepper and chilli for a truly striking flavour unlike any other. Sprinkle some Brazillian spice blend onto mushrooms before sautéing in butter or oil, and use as a dry rub on meat, poultry or fish for an instant flavour explosion, while adjusting to suit to your tastes (or to how much heat you can take!). Our favourite spice combo for roast potatoes or sweet potato chips.

• 40g Brazilian blend in a resealable pouch

sweet paprika

• Herbie’s sweet paprika is an amazing addition to so many dishes, and leaves it’s supermarket counterparts for dead! Add a touch of this sweet stuff to stews, ragus and soups for amazing depth of flavour. An essential spice for the pantry.

• 55g Hungarian Noble sweet paprika in a resealable pouch

Click here to view all our free recipes using paprika!

turmeric ground

• We use turmeric in most of our curries and indian dishes, but also when colour and subtle flavour is desired, like in our vegan cheese dip! An essential pantry spice, that is super popular at the moment thanks to its many health benefits.

• 50g turmeric alleppey ground in a resealable pouch

Click here to view all our free recipes using turmeric!

celery seed whole
Stocked after popular demand - it’s one of the key ingredients in my famous ‘chicken stock powder’ (without the chicken or the nasties!).

• 35g celery seed whole in a resealable pouch

Click here to view our free faux-chicken stock powder recipe!

black lava salt

Ellen our vegan recipe developer is obsessed with this ingredient and it makes a frequent appearance in her second book I Can't Believe it's Vegan, as it creates a sulphurous mineral taste and smell - perfect when creating an egg-substitute recipe! You only need a little bit to create a delicious egg taste and it can be added to a variety of dishes. Used a lot when cooking with tofu as an egg substitute base (the secret ingredient in any good tofu scramble!), and when making our egg-alicious club sandwiches (that are actually egg-free!). It is also used in curries, salted yoghurt lassis, chutneys, raitas and a condiment in Indian cuisines.

• 40g black lava salt in a resealable pouch

Click here to view our ebook ‘I can’t believe it’s vegan’!

shichimi togarashi
Our favourite seasoning for Asian dishes - a traditional Japanese seasoning with a hot chilli bite. Contains sea salt, chilli, white poppy seeds, unhulled golden sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, orange peel, brown mustard seeds, Sichuan pepper and lemon myrtle. Essential seasoning for our easy-as miso noodles (delicious!).

• 35g shichimi togarashi in a resealable pouch

Click here to view our easy-as miso noodle recipe

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