Six Dishes You Will Want to Cook Now You Have a Thermomix

Six Dishes You Will Want to Cook Now You Have a Thermomix

Now you've got your Thermomix, dishes you have never even considered cooking before become a possibility... in fact, some can become damn easy. Have you tried these six yet?  


Who needs the gym when you’ve got bread to knead? Kneading dough by hand can take between 10 and 20 minutes, but the Thermomix has it done in two minutes (absolutely no skill or technique required!). What has been thought of as beyond the realm of the home cook is now possible again, and we couldn't be more thrilled. We LOVE baking bread, and have a whole section devoted to it in our cookbook Recipes from our Cooking School.  

Panna cotta

Undoubted one of my favourite desserts, as I’m sure many readers have already picked up on! Whisking a powdery-hard block of bloomed gelatine into warm milk until smooth and fully dissolved sounds like a little too much work for a simple dessert, but luckily the Thermomix takes care of that in 30 seconds flat! You’ll love how easy panna cottas now are, and how valuable this type of set and forget dessert is when entertaining. View my panna cotta recipes here.

Hollandaise sauce

It was hollandaise sauce that single-handedly sold me on the wonders of the Thermomix, why spend $20 on eggs benedict at a café when when I could make it (arguably better) myself at home? Whisking the eggs into the butter at exactly the right temperature without curdling it seems way too risky, but with your Thermomix it is cooked to perfection in six minutes, every, single, time. Brunch at your place this weekend? Check out my Hollandaise Sauce recipe on page 16 of Quick Fix in the Thermomix and my Horseradish Hollandaise on page 119 of Recipes From Our Cooking School.

Green smoothies 

Without a Thermomix, green smoothies tend to be gritty and lumpy - you aren’t sure if you should be drinking or eating them! With the Thermomix, a super smooth smoothie takes mere minutes, producing a highly nourishing meal or snack that even the busiest of people can fit into their day. Check out my guide to making the perfect green smoothie here.


Traditional polenta (not the instant stuff sold in supermarkets) is one of my favourite side dishes, perfectly partnering stews, ragus and sautéed vegetables. It takes around 45 minutes to cook and needs to be vigorously whisked to start, followed by frequent stirring over heat. Love polenta, but not that much! Put it all in the Thermomix and go take a bath. Check out my polenta chips video here or my Creamy Polenta recipe page 67 of Quick Fix: Every Occasion. My soft polenta recipe can be found on page 126 of Everyday Thermo Cooking.  


A classic but a goodie, the Thermomix turns risotto from a laborious specialty into a quick weeknight dinner anyone is capable of. Once you’ve mastered the base recipe experiment with whatever flavours and ingredients you’ve got on hand – waste not want not. We’ve got risotto recipes in nearly every one of our cookbooks, including a super-healthy Thermomix brown rice risotto in Thermo Cooker Fresh Favourites. You can also check out our free Seafood Risotto recipe here

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