Can the Thermomix Juice Vegetables?

Can the Thermomix Juice Vegetables?

This is a very common question I get asked, and the answer is – it can do better than juice! In my humble opinion…

When juicing fruits and vegetables you’re extracting the nutrients but leaving behind the very important fibre. We need more fibre! Our digestion and gut health absolutely depend on it. And when juicing, you’re literally throwing away all that precious fibre (hopefully at least you’re feeding it to your worms!). Nature designed fruits and vegetables to be full of all health-giving nutrients, but for them to be consumed WITH their fibre casing, not removed from. So, this is where my favourite kitchen appliance comes in…

With the Thermomix what we can do is actually blend up fruits and vegetables to become fine enough that you feel like you’re drinking a juice, but really you’re still getting all that precious fibre and NOTHING is wasted (#goals). Less powerful blenders aren’t able to pulverize the veggies down fine enough leaving you with a gritty and less palatable potion.

So, how exactly do we nail this magical Thermomix ‘juice’ you speak of? It’s really easy! You just have to know how… simply blend the fruit and vegetables with a handful of ice or a piece of frozen fruit and 50g of water on speed 9 for 30 seconds. Then set speed to 9 and pour additional water slowly over the MC (over approx. 40 seconds) and leave to blend for a total of 2 minutes to achieve a smooth silky texture. For more fibrous vegetables you’ll need more water (like carrots), whereas for less fibrous vegetables (like cucumbers) you’ll need a lot less. Start with a little bit (maybe 100g) and keep adding until desired consistency is achieved.

Honestly, this would be the ONE thing I do most in my Thermomix! It’s invaluable to my health and to my goal of not wasting food. Not just not wasting the fibre, but I can blend up dodgy looking fruits and veggies that are past their prime and no one would know! Hence by Thermomix ‘juicing’ there’s always a use for those limp carrots, quarter of a cucumber, browning apple and half lemon left from last night’s dinner.

Give it a go, and let me know what you think!

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