DIY Kombucha eBook Here

DIY Kombucha eBook Here

Everyone knows my passion for kombucha – I just love the stuff! In my opinion, kombucha is the easiest and cheapest way to make your own probiotics at home, costing less than $1 per litre and requiring only a few minutes of your time weekly. And it actually tastes really delicious!

I’ve been teaching classes for years now, and also selling my SCOBY starter kits online, but now I’ve taken my enthusiasm for brewing one step further and actually written a digital book! I’ve demystified the entire process making it easy and straightforward for everyone to do at home, including how to flavour your kombucha, how to get it super fizzy, and how to have a continuous supply of kombucha on tap!

Once purchased, this digital book will be emailed straight to you ready for immediate use – anywhere in the world! New year, new you – what better time to get started?

Happy brewing! And remember, you are capable of more than you know.

P.S. If you’re wanting to take your kombucha learning to the next level, check out my complete online kombucha course! It is absolutely the best and most comprehensive way to get learn everything you need to know to confidently brew kombucha at home, and the course includes this ebook (so no need to by both!).

Find out more about my complete kombucha course here.