Thermomix Frozen Chocolate Margarita Recipe

Thermomix Frozen Chocolate Margarita Recipe

This free recipe is a deliciously creamy frozen cocktail. Far from a traditional margarita, this luxurious combination of Baileys Irish Cream™ and chocolate make the ultimate drinkable dessert. Easily made into a non-alcoholic iced chocolate or mocha (just omit the booze and add extra milk!), kids will also love it! Keep a batch of chocolate ice blocks in the freezer ready to make this cocktail for those times you need an after dinner sweet treat.

Serves 6

+ vegetarian
+ gluten free
+ egg free
+ soy free


30g raw sugar
100g dark chocolate
200g milk
300g ice cubes
100g vodka
100g Baileys Irish Cream


  1. Place sugar in TM bowl, mill for 10 seconds, speed 9.
  2. Add chocolate, grate for 8 seconds, speed 6.
  3. Add milk, heat for 4 minutes, 60°C, speed 3. Freeze into ice blocks.
  4. To serve, place frozen chocolate blocks, ice, vodka and Baileys in TM bowl, process for 1 minute, speed 9.

Serve immediately garnished with shaved dark chocolate or fresh strawberries.

Variation: Replace Baileys with a coffee liquor for a mocha flavour. For a mocktail, simply replace the 200g of alcohol with 200g of cold coffee or milk.