New Thermomix Vegan Recipe Contributor!

New Thermomix Vegan Recipe Contributor!

We are always listening to what our wonderful tribe is after, and recently it’s been a strong chorus of vegan, vegan, VEGAN! So that’s exactly why we’ve got a new recipe contributor on the AA blog, exclusively sharing her easy Thermomix vegan recipes. Introducing Ellen…. 

Ellen is passionate about animal rights, the environment and nourishing food, and will be bringing you snippets on each topic as well as her delicious Thermomix vegan recipes. If she looks a little familiar to you, that’s because she’s Alyce’s sister!

Many of us aren’t vegan, however regardless of how we label ourselves we believe it is important for everyone to be a conscious consumer, and reduce the impact of our food choices on our surrounding creatures wherever we can.

Try incorporating a couple of vegan meals a week – the impact will add up. And with Ellen’s delicious recipes, it is easy! How about starting with Vegan Mac and Cheese – you can even watch Ellen show you just how effortless it is:  

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