Thermomix Stock Concentrate | The Why and How

Thermomix Stock Concentrate | The Why and How

Every Thermomix owner knows about stock concentrate – it is the first thing most of us make with our Consultant on delivery. But there may be a few things you didn’t know about this humble kitchen staple…

You don’t need to buy the ingredients.

Stock concentrate is the ultimate ‘clean out the fridge recipe’ – simply use whatever ingredients you have on hand! Think of the times you buy a bunch of spring onions but only need a couple, or when you buy a bunch of herbs but only use a couple of sprigs. Or when you need 1kg of pumpkin but the smallest wedge at the market was 1.2kg… these are the times to make stock concentrate! You don’t need to worry about having exact quantities of each ingredient on hand, just use what you’ve got and feel good knowing you won’t be wasting food. Click here to view my stock concentrate recipe, which is really just a guide for you to tailor your ingredients to.    

Add it to anything for a hit of flavour.

Whenever you are cooking a ragu, pasta sauce, soup, risotto, gravy, curry or stew, add a tablespoon of stock concentrate instead of adding salt. The salt in the stock will lift all the flavours in the dish, and the herbs and vegetables will add some extra seasoning.

You can decrease the salt.

But remember that the salt acts as a preservative, so if you decrease the amount of salt, you will also be decreasing the shelf life.

You can freeze it.

If you are slower to get through your stock concentrate or if you make a decreased-salt version, you might consider freezing it in ice cube trays. Simply pop one out when you need a tablespoon.    

Click here to access our guide to making Thermomix Stock Concentrate.

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