Cheat's Ravioli in the Thermomix

Cheat's Ravioli in the Thermomix

***This recipe is NOT on brand!*** But hey, sometimes life gets in the way and we can’t cook from scratch, and for night’s like that, I’ve got you covered! Put your ravioli and sauce on to cook, then go do whatever else you need to do! It’ll take 2 minutes to put on, 20 minutes steaming of which your presence isn’t required, and then dinner is served. Not bad hey? 

Serves 2


300g pre-made ravioli (any type is fine, available from the fridge section of your supermarket or deli, not frozen)
400g pasta sauce (any type is fine, I used one from the fridge section of the supermarket, but a jar is also great)


  1. Fill TC bowl with 700g room temperature water. Place lid on, then steaming tray on top.
  2. Position Varoma steaming mat onto upper steaming tray. Spread out ravioli evenly across steaming mat, then top with pasta sauce (see video). Steam for 20 minutes, steaming (Varoma) temperature, speed 4. 

Serve it up! You could dress it up by topping with cheese, chilli flakes, fresh herbs, chilli oil etc... but it’s probably not the recipe for that. Eat and enjoy! Silicone steaming mat and thermie spoon spatula available exclusively from us 💫