Thermomix Strawberry Frosé Recipe

Thermomix Strawberry Frosé Recipe

The weather is warming up, the festive season is coming and strawberries are plentiful and in season - we think that deserves a dangerously-delicious cocktail! By using our friend the Thermomix or thermo cooker, we can mill this down to a smooth slushy - no crunchy ice crystals in sight! I’ve kept this recipe very flexible - I always try to write recipes that you can make fit with your life. So if you’re wanting something fresh and fruity and less alcoholic, use watermelon. If you’re going bold, try with vodka. My personal favourite - the Chambord… it’s so luxurious and delicious. You’ll need to get started the night before to get your wine and strawberries frozen (if buying fresh). Cheers!

If you’re looking for more fresh and fruity Thermomix cocktails, my Frozen Passionfruit Margarita is always a winner! Recipe page 115, Thermo Cooker Fresh Favourites

Serves 6

+ gluten free
+ dairy free
+ soy free
+ nut free
+ egg free
+ vegetarian
+ vegan


750ml bottle rosé (needs to be frozen, so start this recipe early)
50g raw or white sugar
100g Chambord, apple juice, vodka, fresh watermelon or 50g water and 50g lemon juice
400g frozen strawberries


  1. Freeze rosé in a shallow container.
  2. Once frozen, place sugar in TC bowl, mill for 10 seconds, speed 10.
  3. Add frozen rosé, Chambord (or other ingredient) and frozen strawberries, mill 30 seconds, speed 10.

Serve immediately and enjoy!