Vegan Chicken Salt Hash Browns (conventional recipe)

Vegan Chicken Salt Hash Browns (conventional recipe)
I’m obsessed with these hash browns… they’re incredibly tasty like the fast food classic, but without the deep-frying or crappy ingredients. And, they really are so easy to make! Just five ingredients, three of which I always have in the pantry. The secret ingredient is my no-chicken-chicken salt - it might taste like you’d find it at your local takeaway, but that couldn’t be further from the quality of this product. No MSG, anti-caking agents, free-flowing additives, GMO's, colourants, artificial flavours or animal products. It’s completely vegan and organic, made from wholesome ingredients… exactly the same recipe I make in my home kitchen. And I promise, it makes any savoury dish (especially veggies!) a whole lot more exciting.

Makes 10

+ vegan
+ vegetarian
+ dairy free
+ egg free
+ soy free
+ nut free
+ gluten free (option)

Got a Thermomix or thermo cooker? Click here for the thermo option!


70g plain flour (or use cornflour for a gluten-free option)
4 spring onions, ends trimmed and thinly sliced (including all green tops)
700g potatoes (any type), peeled and coarsely grated (a food processor makes this easy but you can do with a box grater)
2 tbsp alyce’s no-chicken-chicken salt
Olive oil, for frying


  1. Place flour, spring onions, potatoes and salt in a large bowl and fold until all combined and flour is all mixed in.
  2. Heat a liberal amount of oil in large frying pan over medium heat. Once hot, add spoonfuls of mixture. Use your spatula to flatten out the top and even out the thickness. Once golden brown, turn and fry other side. Set aside and repeat with remaining mixture.

Delicious both hot or cold! We like ours sprinkled with extra no-chicken-chicken salt 😊.