Which Cookbook For The Thermomix Is Right For You?

Which Cookbook For The Thermomix Is Right For You?

If you have a Thermomix or thermo cooker you'll know that it makes cooking faster and easier. You can cook from scratch and cook more often - but you need the right recipes! And that’s where I come in. I’ve devoted my career to getting people using and loving their machines - cooking more often, cooking from scratch, eating healthier, saving money and enjoying the whole process! I’ve written eight bestselling Thermomix cookbooks that are sold worldwide, opened a dedicated Thermomix cooking school in Melbourne, Australia and launched my own range of Thermomix accessories – to say I’m a devoted Thermomixer is an understatement. But now I’ve almost got too much content for you - where do you begin?!

Not sure which of our Thermomix / thermo cooker cookbooks is for you? It's hard when we've got so many! Let us help - find the heading that best describes you... and our recommended books are underneath!

People With Kids

Cooking for One or Two

Classic Recipes



Counting Macros

Time Poor

Low Carb & Keto

Like Entertaining 

Gluten Free

Wants Healthy Smoothies

Skilled Cook

Can't Cook 

Fresh & Light Recipes

Likes Baking

Lunchbox Recipes

Christmas Entertaining 


If you still can’t decide, then the book we recommend to everyone is Everyday Thermo Cooking. This has absolutely been our most popular book, often being referred to as the ‘Thermomix Bible’. Humble brag, but seriously everyone loves it! Or of course, the best option… bundle all seven of our Thermomix cookbooks together and save over $115!