You Are Amazing, and Don't You Forget It!

You Are Amazing, and Don't You Forget It!

NEW cuffs now available! Tell someone you love that they are amazing, and they better not forget it 🌟

It's funny… I have a decent-sized audience these days, but you know who my harshest critic is? Me. Always me - no one cuts me down more than I do myself. I have to watch that little voice in my head, the one that tells me I'm not a good enough friend/sister/daughter/partner/boss, I'm not successful enough, I'm not thin enough.

And you know, I look at those closest to me, and the only thing I see holding them back is themselves. I see this AMAZING person, but they see all the ways they aren't enough. I just want to shake them and say “you are amazing, and don't you forget it!”. And frankly, I need to shake myself sometimes and say “alyce you are amazing, and don't you forget it!”. Can you relate?

Well YOU ARE AMAZING! And don’t you forget it. Right in this moment, just as you are, and just as you aren't. I am on a mission to send that little negative voice in your head (and my own!) packing. So, my sisters and I have engraved it on a cuff as a beautiful 24/7 reminder. It's always on my wrist, quietly cheering me on. And I want it on your wrist too!

Wear this stunning high-quality stainless steel 18k gold-plated (gold and rose gold option) cuff as a reminder of your competency, your value, your groundedness. 

These cuffs make the perfect festive gift to someone YOU think is amazing, so they won’t be able to forget it! Your children, your friends, you parents! Everyone needs more people boosting them up 

High quality. Unisex design. One size fits all. Gift bag included. **ROSE GOLD NOW AVAILABLE!**  

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