How to Use Your Food Warmer

How to Use Your Food Warmer

So you’ve got yourself one of our super-practical food warmers? Woohoo! Now, you’re probably wondering about all the awesome things you can do with it! Let me tell you…


Cook your pasta, noodles, cous cous in the food warmer! In the case of cous cous and rice noodles, simply place in food warmer, pour over boiling water or stock and place the lid on. Wait a few minutes, fluff your cous cous with a fork, and voila! Cooking pasta is easy once you know the quantities, but it’s probably best to follow a recipe… that’s why I’ve got three FREE on my website! Click here to access my tomato spaghetti recipe, and click here to access my vegan mac ‘n’ cheese recipe cooked in the food warmer. Same goes with noodles - click here to get the recipe. I’ve also made a couple of quick videos showing you the pasta…

Keeping food HOT

Cooked your curry in the thermo and now need to keep it hot while you cook the rice? Easy, transfer to the food warmer! Need to keep your pancakes or roti bread hot while you keep cooking the next batches? Fling them in the food warmer (the 4.7L size is particularly good for this!). Want to cook soup for dinner in the afternoon and still have it piping hot when everyone gets home a few hours later? Just keep it in the food warmer! The trick here is to preheat it with a cup of boiling water for a few minutes before filling (pour boiling water in, stand for five minutes, tip out).

Keeping food COLD

Same goes with keeping food cold! Maybe you’re bringing a salad to a picnic - you want it to stay fresh! Or you’ve made sorbet to take to a friends house, or even an ice cream cake! Whack it straight in the food warmer. If you’re wanting it to stay reallllly cold, like the ice cream, precool with a couple of ice cubes for five minutes first - we want to bring the temperature of the metal right down.

Reheating baby food and bottles

Place glass food containers (these would be my pick!) or bottles in food warmer and half fill with boiling water. If convenient, pop the lid on. Wait five to ten minutes, and done! (test the temperature before serving please!).

Making yoghurt

Our food warmer is the absolute best thing for making yoghurt (either cows or coconut!). Make your yoghurt mixture, then pour into the food warmer. Lid on and leave undisturbed for 24 hours, and you’ve got perfect yoghurt ready for the fridge! Want to make pot-set yoghurt? Now this is where the 4.7L food warmer really shines. Watch how we did it in the below video, or you can read the blog post by clicking here.

Proving dough

I wouldn’t bother with this in summer, but in winter it’s a game-changer! Make your dough using warm water (no hotter than 37 degrees!) then place in a prewarmed food warmer. Leave for an hour or two to prove… the yeast will love that toasty warm environment.


Whenever you’re bringing food somewhere, bring it in the food warmer. With the lockable lid and carry handles it couldn’t be easier. And the cool-touch exterior means you don’t have to worry about burns like others on the market. The seal isn’t airtight, so just don’t go swinging it in circles.

Available in both 2.2L and 4.7L sizes, these food warmers are great value! If you haven’t already got one (or both!) check them out below… happy cooking! x