Our Top Dad-Approved Thermomix Recipes

Our Top Dad-Approved Thermomix Recipes

Fathers Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate with your nearest and dearest then over a delicious home cooked meal, made with love of course! Eating out on popular holidays is always a challenge, and I reckon that with the help of your Thermomix (and a great recipe or two!) you could whip up a meal fit for a king at a fraction of the cost. So how about it? Celebration at your place! 

Here's our top list of dad-approved recipes, for every occasion: 

Breakfast in bed: How about my scrambled eggs on top of fresh homemade bread? My cheat's sourdough is the ideal breakfast bake as you can start the recipe the day before and put it straight in the oven when you wake up! Now that's convenient. Click here to watch me make it. 

Lunch for a crowd: How about an Indian feast? Try our coconut lamb curry from our free recipes or our Sri Lankan beef curry from our Thermomix Indian class (also available in Recipes from our Cooking School). Both recipes will feed 8+ people, and combined with some delicious sides you can really make it stretch. Try a rice pilaf, garlic naan and coriander chutney (all from Recipes from our Cooking School). Indian is often my cuisine of choice when entertaining because curry actually tastes better made a couple of days in advance and simply reheated to serve, leaving you free for more important things on the day (like enjoying your guests' company!). 

Sweet treats: Always the most fun to cook! How about my choc rum and raisin ice cream which can be made in advance and served straight from the freezer - so easy. Or our molten rum and chocolate puddings, last year's free fathers day recipe. For a more portable dessert option with equal decadence, try Craig's chocolate brookies (you can even watch Craig and I make them on YouTube!). If you've got a little more time on your hands, how about going all out and making our famous mars bar cheesecake! How could dad not be impressed? 

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful dads out there (including mine!)