Now You’ve Got Your Thermomix…

Now You’ve Got Your Thermomix…

Woohoo! You’ve taken the plunge and got yourself a Thermomix! I really believe that this machine (or any brand of thermo cooker) will make your life in the kitchen quicker, easier and vastly more enjoyable… but you’ve got to know what to do with it! And like all new technology at the start it can be really daunting. Just because you can cook, doesn’t mean this machine will come second nature. BUT, once you’ve got the hang of it…. you’ll wonder how on earth you lived without it!
Here are my tips to getting confident with your machine…

Learn the Lingo.

Thermo cooking has it’s own language - no wonder people call it a ‘cult’! Here’s the terms you need to know:

  • TC: Thermo cooker / TM: Thermomix

  • MC: Measuring cup that sits in the top of the thermo cooker lid

  • STEAMING TEMPERATURE: Many machines have a special steaming function (in the Thermomix this is called Varoma temperature), but if yours doesn’t, use 110°C

  • STEAMING BASKET: This basket sits inside the thermo cooker bowl and needs to be inserted before securing the lid

  • STEAMING TRAY: This attachment sits on top of the thermo cooker bowl and needs to be placed on top after securing the lid

  • DOUGH FUNCTION: Many machines have a special dough function (in the Thermomix this is called interval speed), but if not, start at speed 6 for 10–20 seconds, then drop to a lower speed until a dough is formed

  • ASSISTING WITH SPATULA: This requires you to put the spatula in the hole in the lid and stir while the thermo cooker is in operation

Stick to Tested Thermo Recipes.

Nothing is more disheartening than a thermo-fail! Once you’re confident you’ll be converting your old family favourites, but at the start I highly recommend sticking to tried-and-tested thermo recipes - that way you let the experts (like me!) make the mistakes, not you! There are tonnes of free recipes on the web, but they aren’t always tested rigorously, so just be mindful. I’ve got hundreds of (triple tested!) recipes available free here. Although all my best stuff can be found in my eight cookbooks - my picks to start would be Everyday Thermo Cooking, Quick Dinners or Thermo Cooker Fresh Favourites. You’ll be whipping around that machine confidently in no time!

Get to Know the Basic Functions.

I always say even if you’re not cooking the whole dish in the thermo, there’s always something it can HELP with (chopping onions, whipping cream!). So it’s really important to get to know the basic functions of the machine, and you’ll use it a whole lot more (also great when converting your own recipes!). To help, I created my ‘Thermo Functions’ printable, for you to download and stick on the fridge or inside a cupboard so next time you’re cooking you can rely on the thermo for a helping hand. All the settings are right there for you – you’ll never cry chopping an onion ever again! Download yours here.

Invest in the Tools.

While the Thermomix does come with most of the things you need, we’ve got a couple of accessories we think are a game changer. Firstly, our silicone thermo spatulas are our most popular product, receiving rave reviews for it’s ability to scrape every last bit out of the thermo bowl and getting in and around the blades. Secondly, our silicone dariole moulds are brilliant for utilizing your Varoma or steaming attachment - our set of eight fits perfectly in steaming tray allowing you to steam individual cheesecakes, puddings and more (no more water bath required!). Lastly, our TM blade cleaning brush will make cleanup such a breeze - no pesky bits of food stuck underneath that you can’t see (gross!).

And There's Plenty More Where That Came From...

I’ve got SO many more resources brilliant for those starting out with their Thermomix or thermo cooker, but my two top picks would be: