Our Thermomix Easy Indian Class

Our Thermomix Easy Indian Class

Spice up your life with our Thermomix Easy Indian cooking class! Indian cooking offers some of the most versatile, delicious and healthy culinary cooking options available, that will (happily!) feed the whole family. With just a little inside knowledge to get you started and some amazing fresh spices, an unbelievably impressive and flavourful meal can be created to suit you and your family’s specific tastes. And that’s where the alyce alexandra team and Claudette D’Cruz from ‘No Worries Curries’ come in! In just 2.5 hours, we’re going to show you how to whip up a traditional feast on this side of the Indian Ocean, quickly and easily with the help of your Thermomix. This class will show you the basics of Indian-style cooking, including spice combinations, health benefits, complimentary herbs, vegetable choices and how to make the perfect curry. We’ll cover everyone’s favourite Indian dishes as well as introducing some lesser-known gems. You’ll find that after this class, not only will you have everything you need for an impressive Indian-style feast, you’ll also have a world of new skills and recipes that can be incorporated into quick weeknight meals.

Each attendee will go home with a class-exclusive recipe booklet, which you can fill with your notes throughout the session. Many recipes will be taught with variations, so that they can be adapted for different dietary requirements. In this class we will be making (and tasting):

  • Pea pilaf

  • Sri Lankan beef curry

  • Chicken Tikka Masala

  • Coriander chutney

  • Mint and apple chutney

  • Naan bread

  • Chai tea

  • Kulfi ice cream

As a result of this class, you will develop intermediate Thermomix skills and know how to:

  • Cook one-pot TM dishes

  • Cook quick dinners

  • Slow cook meat

  • Experience Indian flavours

  • Shape and cook flat breads

  • Froth milk in the Thermomix

  • Identify spices, when to use them and their health benefits

  • Experiment with new ingredients

  • Make ice cream served straight from the freezer

This class will be taught by Claudette D’Cruz, founder of No Worries Curries, along with our resident Thermomix expert, Janene Babauskis. Claudette’s mission was to turn the ancient art of curry making into an easy, no fuss dinner option in Australian homes, by pre-blending beautiful assortments of both common and unusual spices. Now, with a few more recipes and some insider info, you can go a step further with your cooking, and recreate the feeling of dining in a traditional Indian home with a meal made completely from scratch. Claudette has been teaching Indian cooking classes for nearly ten years, so you can rest assured that you’re cooking with a certified expert!

Our classes are relaxed and intimate, with 24 people or less. Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine or cup of coffee while tasting all the delicious morsels of food being prepared in front of you. Our presenters are always open for questions, and will be teaching you many of their most useful Thermomix secrets along the way. Some recipes will be from alyce alexandra’s cookbooks, while others will be exclusive recipes to the classes.

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID restrictions in Melbourne, we are no longer running this class, but you can buy a digital copy of the Thermomix Indian class booklet, complete with ALL recipes taught at the classes, tips and photos. Some of these recipes also feature in our hardcover cookbook ‘Recipes from our Cooking School’ cookbook – click here to find out more.