Easy Thai Green Prawn Curry in the Thermomix

Easy Thai Green Prawn Curry in the Thermomix

I’m not even sure I can call this cooking... it’s that easy 😅. Using ingredients commonly found in the fridge and freezer, ideally you shouldn’t even need to hit the shops. Usually I’d garnish with coriander, mint, maybe even some flaked coconut, but we are going for Friday-night-no-stuffs-given vibe here, so it’s just a straight up curry on rice (or serve with naan bread, noodles etc). But I tell you what, it’s seriously tasty! Can substitute with cubed tofu for a vegetarian and vegan option ✌️.
This is a full-flavoured version designed for two adults; I’ve also got a more kid-friendly version that I’ve launch as a separate recipe - click here to access!
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Serves 2 

+ gluten free
+ dairy free


250g medium-grain white rice (optional)
8 large frozen green (raw) prawns (or more if smaller)
4 disks frozen spinach
1/2 cup frozen peas
1.5 - 3 tablespoons green curry paste (1.5 if homemade, 3 if purchased)
1/3 can coconut milk
1 tsp alyce’s flavour bomb salt
Varoma steaming mat


  1. Fill TC bowl with 1L room temperature water. Place rice (if using) in TC steamer basket. Rinse well under running water and insert into TC bowl. Place lid on, then steaming tray on top.
  2. Position Varoma steaming mat onto upper steaming tray. Spread out all ingredients evenly across steaming mat (see video). Steam for 23 minutes, steaming (Varoma) temperature, speed 4.
Give everything a stir to combine, then you’re ready to serve! Ladle prawns and sauce over fluffy rice... or just on it’s own, maybe with some extra veggies thrown in. Grab a fork, sit on the couch and enjoy. You’ll ONLY have the steaming mat to wash, and you can throw this in the dishwasher. The Thermomix bowl and Varoma will simply need drying. There isn’t even a knife and chopping board to worry about! Shop our steaming mat now, we’ve got more easy-as recipes using it on our website - click here to check them out!