The Thermomix & Worm Farms: Why Your Worms Will Love Your Thermie

The Thermomix & Worm Farms: Why Your Worms Will Love Your Thermie

The worm farm – turning kitchen scraps and other waste into gold for your plants! It’s magic for your home and garden, but it’s also magic for the world generally taking waste out of landfill and putting it to good use (just as nature intended!). Even if you live in a unit or apartment, you can still set up a small worm farm in your garage or balcony – some councils even provide incentives for you to set one up. Feed the ‘worm tea’ to all your plants, including all indoor plants and watch them thrive.

So now I’ve sold you on why you need one, you’re probably wondering – what’s this got to do with my Thermomix or thermo cooker!? Well, generally with worm farms you throw all your kitchen scraps in (celery tops, potato peels, apple cores, egg shells, coffee grounds etc), and then the worms chomp through it all. This method is like an all you can eat buffet for the worms, so obviously they’re going to go to the dessert station first and avoid the salad! The problem with this is some scraps in your worm farm will take longer for the worms to process (and they might avoid them altogether). Remember the rule no garlic, onion or citrus? Again, worms will eat them, but it’s not their favourite so we leave it out.

The solution – after dinner once all the food prep for the day is done whack all your kitchen scraps in your Thermo and blitz for 10 soconds, speed 9, assisting with spatula if necessary.

Doesn’t even matter if the bowl is dirty (within reason!).  Yes, include your onion, garlic and citrus. Feed this pulp to the worms, and I promise they’ll be happier and healthier and you’ll have a thriving worm population in no time!

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I’ve got much more info on using your Thermomix to waste less food in my latest cookbook ‘Thermo Cooker Fresh Favourites’ Including composting, worm farms and guide recipes to use up all the odds and ends in your fridge.